Online-Meeting: What’s next after #GlobalMayDay2021?

May 9th (Sunday)

Global May Day 2021 is over. Let’s reflect on the Global May Day coordinations this year and consider next steps, for example coordinations related to the Call for International CDM Solidarity and the call for Starbucks to stop funding #TigrayGenocide.

Don’t worry about joining for the first time. Everyone sympathizing with the Global May Day self-conception is invited to join the meeting!

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#GlobalMayDay2021: Statement by Dabindu Collective

The feminist Dabindu Collective supports and organizes garment workers across Sri Lanka. It announced to support the call for Global May Day 2021 and planned to rally with workers in Vavuniya, in the north of the country where many textile factories are located, to commemorate Labour Day this year. Unfortunately all May Day commemorations had to be cancelled due to the worsening pandemic situation.

Therefore Dabindu Collective decided to at least publish the following statement:

#GlobalMayDay2021 in Hamburg: CDM solidarity | Rallies attacked by Cops

In Hamburg the local syndicates of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU), Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) as well as the anarchist Black-Red May Day alliance announced to put their May Day activities in the context of Global May Day 2021.

Initially all three planned to come together for an anarchist May Day demonstration. The call was ready and FAU and IWW prepared to mobilize for a syndicalist block. In the end the rally was called off because the permission was not given and police was massively present at the gathering points.

Therefore the IWW and FAU comrades decided to spontaneously gather at a Deutsche Post DHL distribution center to express solidarity with the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar in reaction to the Call for International CDM Solidarity. After all DHL keeps doing business with the military junta.

#Call4InternationalCDMsolidarity | #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar | #1world1struggle

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#GlobalMayDay2021: Rallies in Münster and Dortmund

The Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Münster endorses the call for Global May Day 2021 and was involved in various rallies on and around May Day.

The FAU Münster celebrated the day of struggle of the working class extensively. It started the evening before with the rally “Bewitching patriarchy and capitalism”. Speeches dealt not only with current impositions, but also with historical mechanisms of oppression such as the “witch burnings” and their continuity. Several hundred participants came. Thanks to the women’s strike alliance, which is not only active and militant on March 8th.

Activities continued with the anti-capitalist block at the traditional May Day demonstration, which the DGB (German Trade Union Confederation) kept particularly short this time. Longer than usual, however, was the demo section that gathered behind the DGB unions. ‘Die Rote Kapelle’ (The Red Chapel) provided an ‘alternative’ musical framework, but could also call itself the ‘Schwarz-rote Kapelle’ (The Black-Red Chapel).

In the afternoon we met comrades from nearby cities, like Siegen, Krefeld, Koblenz and Bielefeld in Dortmund. With about 700 participants, it was a powerful demonstration, even if the police were in a much more irritable mood than in Münster. We hope that the efforts of the comrades from Dortmund and Bochum to build up an independent FAU syndicate were boosted by the conspicuous presence, and we are glad to have seen many of you offline again!

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#GlobalMayDay2021: Slum-dwellers gather in Kolkata

The Committee for Slum-dweller Workers’ Rights (BSARC, Bastibasi Shromojibi Adhikar Raksha Committee) arranged some activities to commemorate May Day 2021. Among others they sing the International in Bengali.

The main points in the photos are about protecting workers rights and specifically in this case workers who are slum dwellers. They also talk about providing proper rations to all the eligible people, specifically in the context of the lockdown in India amist the pandemic. Furthermore the need for workers’ unity is emphasized.

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#GlobalMayDay2021 in Düsseldorf: Solidarity with Arrested Rider in China

Comrades of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Düsseldorf expressed their support for the arrested rider Meng Zhu who organized many fellow workers.

On February 25 “Mengzhu,” a well-known food delivery worker activist, was detained by Beijing police in a raid on the group apartment where he lives with other delivery workers. Four of them were also detained.

While two workers were released after questioning at the police station, Mengzhu—whose real name is Chen Guojiang—and two of his close friends are still detained. He has been charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” a catch-all category often used against activists in China.

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On the same day neo-nazis marched through the city protected by cops. The local FAU syndicate together with many other groups and organisations mobilized against the march. Some people clashed with police trying to block the march, some were arrested.