Admin Collective

The sole role of the ‘admin collective’ is to facilitate the above goals by keeping the platform running well – e.g. responding to emails, updating the website, administering pages, networking, facilitating global meetings.

Being grassroot organised, the Global May Day admin collective depends on people who join and help to sustain the project. Self-evidently those who join the collective support the GMD self-conception and agree to the points listed below.

Those who want to join the collective should express their interest by sending an email to the Global May Day admin collective mailing list and introduce themselves to the collective.
The admin collective can be contacted for questions, requests, suggestions: GMDcollective[ÄT]

Those who join the collective agree to…

  • … support the basic principles of the Global May Day project as explained here.
  • … actively challenge informal hierarchies, bullying, racism, patriarchy, as well as ableism, and work towards making the Global May Day an inclusive and safe ‘space’.
  • … not use the Global May Day infrastructure to promote political party politics, conspiracy theories, antisemitism, nationalism, or religions.
  • … challenge the perception that s_he might represent the project – for example when giving interviews. Nobody can speak for the Global May Day as a whole!
  • … use the infrastructure to spread news in support of (grassroots) labour unions and initiatives/networks.

Content (not) to be posted as admin on Global May Day social networks:

The Global May Day communication infrastructure is primarily used by the admin collective as a platform to inform about current labour struggles.

At times it can also be used to inform about issues related to the struggle for emancipation (e.g. struggle against fascist ideology, patriarchy, racism, etc.), which are also directly linked to working class interests.

The admin collective remains dedicated to facilitating the flow of knowledge from the front lines of the labour struggle and under no circumstance will result to the promotion of party politics or conspiracy theories. The collective shares no messages of people that are not respecting the basic principles of the Global May Day project, and it also doesn’t see itself in a position to judge the methods used by others in the struggle since conditions are different around the world. For an international platform it is essential to respect the evaluation that each union/initiative makes of their strategies in the struggle on the local level.

Members of the collective aim to put news of developments on the local and national level into a global context when reporting about them.