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1 year of resistance against military junta in Myanmar – Statement by FGWM

To mark one year of resistance against the military junta in Myanmar, the grassroot unions of the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM) submitted the statement below. A statement that is also being supported by the International Confederation of Labour (ICL), Industrial Workers of the World Wales, Ireland Scotland, England Regional Administration (IWW WISE-RA), SAC-Syndikalisterna as well as the International Committee of the Free Workers Union (FAU).

In this context it is worth pointing out the fundraising efforts currently being coordinated together with comrades of FGWM in support of the resistance movement.

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Success: Workers at San Yuan Garment factory win and get back to work

Report from a fellow worker on the ground:

Sisters and brothers of the San Yuan Garment factory, members of the Federation of Garment Workers Myanmar (FGWM), celebrate their first day back to work by singing “Solidarity Forever” in Burmese.

After the factory mass-fired all union members for organizing a union to demand improvements in working conditions including Covid-19 safety measures, the union has fought for months and won reinstatement of all union members and beat back the union-busting using a strong membership and international solidarity from the Spanish and American labor movements.

The workers produce mainly for ZARA and Bershka (both Inditex Group).

International worker solidarity is both a necessity and an unstoppable force!

Myanmar: Union-busting at sporting goods factory (Mizuno, Evil Bikes, Pivot Cycles, CCM Sports)

At factories named Very impressive Prospects (ViP) sporting goods are produced mostly for brands such as Mizuno, Evil Bikes, Pivot Cycles and CCM Sports. The factories are located in Myanmar.

Labor unions at ViP 1 and ViP 2 factory demanded Covid-19 safety measures – both of them members of the Federation of Garment Workers Myanmar (FGWM). In reaction all union members in both factories were dismissed. Furthermore the ViP 2 factory union president was stabbed by company thugs. It is a clear, brutal case of union-busting. Despite months of direct outreach from the unions, the brands have refused to intervene or mediate whatsoever.

Therefore comrades worldwide are asked to support the effort by reaching out to the brands using the campaign page on labourstartcampaigns.net.

Global Month of Solidarity: From Yangon to Dhaka

The Federation of Garment Workers Myanmar (FGWM) expresses its solidarity with the garment workers at Dragon Sweater as part of the Global Month of Solidarity.

FGWM unites unions of 20 factories. The main struggle they are facing is union busting by targeted reduction of union members and leaders using CoViD-19 as a pretext, similar to developments at Dragon Sweater in Dhaka. Unions at four factories are currently involved in direct fights with the owners. Two are in the garment sector and another two are involved in lens and electronic materials production.

On August 16th workers of various factories took pictures in front of the FGWM union house located in Yangon.