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Dhaka: Garment workers take to the streets for 25 000 BDT minimum wage!

Garment workers of various factories rallied in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka (Bangladesh) on September 29th. This protest was called by the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) and kicked off the struggle for 25 000 BDT minimum monthly wage on the streets! Though 25 000 BDT don’t even equal 215 EUR (227 US$), this fight is essential to every single factory worker.

In 2018 the minimum wage was increased the last time. Since then workers have to get along with a meagre 8 000 BDT minimum wage. Since then also many people in Bangladesh suffered under an enormous inflation rate. Especially lower wage workers hardly get along.

Therefore GWTUC, which unites hundreds of thousands of garment workers across the country, fights for an increase in wages for garment workers of more than 200%!

Look out for a call of international solidarity in the future.

media report: newagebd.net

Express solidarity with feminist movement in Bangladesh

Lately thousands of people have been taking to the streets against sexualized violence in Bangladesh. The movement was triggered by numerous gang rapes that had taken place throughout the country last month. The protests are not only directed against these blatant incidents, but they aim at changing society as a whole putting sexism in its many forms on the table.

Two weeks ago a Long March organized by organisations like the Bangladesh Student Union (BSU), Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC), the anarchist network Auraj as well other feminist groups was brutally attacked by ruling party cadres and police. Since then the protests continued and so did the attacks by reactionary forces.

The feminist movement calls on the international community to express their support. On one hand it will help to raise awareness about those developments in Bangladesh and on the other hand it will help activists on the ground struggling with attacks on various levels.

One way of expressing your solidarity is by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign with your personal message and send it to globalmaydaynetwork@gmail.com.

Submitted pictures will be published here and forwarded to activists involved in the movement, which will then also share them on social media channels and by doing so reach many more people directly involved in the movement.

Here is a suggested frame, which can be used freely:
(download .pdf / online editable .pdf to display on tablets)

This call was initiated by individuals organized with the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Hamburg as well as the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) in Bangladesh and the Banglaesh Students’ Union (BSU).

Solidarity from Bristol to Dhaka

In reaction to the call for Solidarity submitted by the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Bristol held pickets on three different days in front of stores belonging to Primark, H&M and Next. Beforehand they also announced the pickets on the website.

The Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg plans for a solidarity picket on Friday!

Bangladesh: GWTUC Rallies

The Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) supports the call for a Global May Day as well and called for rallies in 13 different local areas with garment factories – many of them in Dhaka. The other rallies took place in Narayongonj, Gazipur, Chittagong, Ashulia, Tejgone, Fotulla, Kachpur, Uttara and Rampura. In addition one main rally in Central Dhaka was attended by around 1,000 workers. At the local rallies around 5,000 people gathered.
In their struggle for better working conditions garment workers clashed with riot cops in some of these areas in January 2019.
No incidents with the police were reported this time.

Central Dhaka

“Build the struggle for fair wages, ration, workers housing, trade union right and democratic labor law – Fight until demolition of the wage slavery”

Ashulia Industrial Area

Tejgaon Industrial Area

Kachpur Industrial Area

Fotulla Industrial Area

This report was submitted by Monzur of GWTUC 😉