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Sri Lanka: Appeal by Labour Unions

The situation in Free Trade Zones (FTZ) is very grave, with workers working through lockdowns, at great risk to their lives. A group of civil society organisations and labour unions working with FTZ workers are sending out an urgent appeal to the international community including international brands and embassies in Sri Lanka, to apply pressure on the Government of Sri Lanka to take immediate action to manage this crisis and vaccinate workers with immediate effect.
Currently comrades of the Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network (GGW SoliNet) are discussing specific actions with the Dabindu Collective in support. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks!

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#GlobalMayDay2021: Statement by Dabindu Collective

The feminist Dabindu Collective supports and organizes garment workers across Sri Lanka. It announced to support the call for Global May Day 2021 and planned to rally with workers in Vavuniya, in the north of the country where many textile factories are located, to commemorate Labour Day this year. Unfortunately all May Day commemorations had to be cancelled due to the worsening pandemic situation.

Therefore Dabindu Collective decided to at least publish the following statement: