Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network

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About us

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We, the working group Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network (GGW SoliNet), are an alliance of (grassroot) labor unions, initiatives and politically interested individuals, wanting to support labor struggles in the textile industry. Coming together to accompany dismissed garment workers of Dragon Group factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in their fight for outstanding wages, the need for a working group quickly emerged in order to keep standing in solidarity with workers and carry their struggle into society along the value-added chain of production.

In this highly globalised and capitalist world, we emphasize to look at systemic connections!

The excessive consumption of clothing can only take place to this extend because workers in the textile industry are exploited. Wage gaps and precarious working conditions only too clearly show the system of class society beyond national borders. Our goal must therefore be to critically question the modes of production with a global and anti-capitalist orientation and, in turn, to actively fight them on the ground together.

Since our network is made up of a wide variety of groups and individuals, there is a broad spectrum of possible forms of support. It starts with a critical analysis of the conditions, their media preparation, online mobilisation, direct and decentralised actions, up to the concrete support of textile workers on the ground and their collectivist self-organisation.

GGW SoliNet was initiated by:


April 30th, 2021: GGW SoliNet first action in Hamburg

To spread awareness about the ongoing exploitation within the textile industry as well as its complete value-added chain of production the GGW SoliNet organized a first action in Hamburg!

Around 20 pieces of clothes were displayed inside subway trains. Each of them had a big tag focussing on a particular phase of the value-added chain of production + some leaflets introducing the GGW SoliNet.

Open Meeting on May 30th: Introduction of GGW Soli Net

We, as initiators of the GGW SoliNet, invite to a first online meeting to introduce this newly formed network and kick-off the networking process creating a broader basis for the GGW SoliNet.
For this meeting an online video conferencing tool will be used.

All details online here.

Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network initiated!

Following the successful #UnitedAgainstTheDragon movement the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Hamburg as well as In/Progress Braunschweig decided to launch the Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network (GGW SoliNet) on March 31st 2021.