Global May Day 2021


Call to Action

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Worldwide we, the wage-related workers, are set in competition to support the additional value production. Regardless where we live, our gender / sex, nationality, we are interwoven in the same fight, if we want to or not. Budget cuts in social services, outsourcing, depressing wages, privatization, increasing costs of living as well as tuition fees and the destruction of natural recourses are just a few of the symptoms of the global economic system. A system that is based on exploitation and competition leads to commercialization of all aspects of our lives. We suffer from growing pressure to perform, separation, as well as the alienation of our needs and people, which we are working and living with. Be it at the workplace, university or increasingly even during childhood and youth. The logic of the market economy and the corresponding nation-state structures require that adaption to the dictate of competitiveness and the value-added production take priority over the development of emancipatory capabilities.

The introduction of a Universal Basic Income on the global level can be a first emancipatory step in overcoming wage labor relations.

We do not intend to simply disrupt; we seek to overcome.

Given the transnational nature of the capitalist system, it is necessary for workers to connect on the global level.

By networking across borders, the global interconnections that shape our local conditions can be made visible. Furthermore it opens up new potentialities and scopes of action within the struggle against exploitation as well as precarious working and living conditions. The bargaining power of workers would increase tremendously, if we were to unite within the same value-added chain.

Especially in times of nationalism and racism, we seek the common struggle and resist being played off against each other.

For a better life for all – across all borders!

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Note on Coronavirus epidemic

The world has been going through a serious epidemy of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Like all crises, the poorest workers are the most affected. Many companies force workers to keep working, consequently, prohibit the workers’ right of quarantine. Many workers are being laid off, self-employed workers, street vendors and other workers are without income. People in refugee camps and homeless people have no access to minimum sanitary conditions.

We strive for:

  1. The right of basic needs to be met for all.
  2. Decent sanitary working conditions for all workers.
  3. Free access to COVID-19 vaccines for all.
  4. The immediate suspension of water, electricity, cooking gas, telephone and internet bills.
  5. The immediate suspension of rents.

Make the rich pay for the crisis!

Download call as .pdf.

Support the call & announce your activities!

So far the call is being supported by:

Latest News

Call for International Solidarity with CDM

A call was issued by the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM), All Burma Federation of Trade Unions (ABFTU) as well as Food Not Bombs Myanmar – with the support of the Asia Working Group of the International Confederation of Labor (ICL). All are asked to use May Day to express their solidarity with the CDM. Details online here.

Audio messages!

Comrades from Hamburg (Germany) as well as Goiás (Brazil) recorded audio messages. Check them out!

facebook event page was set up. Invite all comrades.

Poster, Share-pics, etc.

Comrades of FOB (Brasil) and IWW Hamburg designed a poster as well as share-pics. Download them here.

Common framework: Three elements

Call to Action:

Defining the common ground. [download .pdf]

Besides that each union/syndicate/group acts autonomously with their own focal points and types of actions!

Common Symbols:

To visually connect your action with the call, please display at least one of these two symbols.


All supporting the call are asked to inform the mailing list [] about planned activities and share reports afterwards!
This way comrades are informed about your activities on the international level.
Announcements and reports will also be published on this website.

For the communication on social media all are asked to use #1world1struggle and #globalmayday2021.

Common Coordinations!

Audio Messages:

Record your own Global May Day greetings going out to comrades around the world!
The messages will be collected on this website and can then be played at rallies and other May Day activities worldwide!

Solidarity Messages on Paper:

Just like comrades of FAU Stuttgart did last year, syndicates and unions worldwide are encouraged to communicate their individual messages on a common paper framework in public. This template can be used.
Just print it out, write your personal message on it and display it somewhere outside. Take a picture and share it with the GMD list.

Standing in Solidarity with the CDM in Myanmar:

As part of common coordinations all groups/unions are asked also make use of May Day to express solidarity with the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar. A call was issued by the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM), All Burma Federation of Trade Unions (ABFTU) as well as Food Not Bombs Myanmar – with the support of the Asia Working Group of the International Confederation of Labour (ICL).


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