#BloodMoneyMyanmar: Announced Activities

Announce your activities by dropping a line at bloodmoneycampaign21@gmail.com | asia@icl-cit.org.
Let us know when, where and what is being planned and it will be added to the list.

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March 15th, 2022

January 27th, 2022

Press Conference – TotalEnergies & Chevron are divesting – what does this mean?

January 21st – 24th, 2022

Online protest – #SanctionMOGE

January 20th, 2022

International Conference [registration]
#Myanmar – Bloody Gas Revenues are Fueling War and Atrocities. Will Macron and Biden stop it?
The discussion will focus on why sanctions should be imposed on gas revenues, why we need to focus on the gas industry, and how the international community can take action on gas revenues which are the the lifeblood of the Myanmar dictatorship/ military junta.

December 1st

October 25 – 31st

September 25 – 30th

September 29th

For members and supporters in Glasgow (Scotland): This Wednesday 29th September at 1pm, a Blood Money solidarity action will meet at M&S Argyle Street, and proceed to Primark then to their Sauchiehall Street store.

source: facebook.com

September 25th

Rally in front of Primark store on Mary Street in Dublin (Ireland) at 4pm. [fb event page]

September 11 – 18th

Several labour unions and activist groups decided to call for a Global Week of Action as part of the Blood Money campaign.

August 27th

Open meeting to coordinate a Global Week of Action as part of the Blood Money Campaign!
All supporters are invited! All details online here.

August 16th

Open meeting in Hamburg to discuss and coordinate activities in context of #BloodMoneyMyanmar:
7 pmSchwarze Katze (Fettstraße 23/ Eimsbüttel)
All interested are welcome!

August 8th

Rally in Oslo (Norway) in front of Stortinget (parliament) at 2:30pm followed by a bazaar at 4:30pm:

Rally in London at Parliament Square at 2:30pm: