#BloodMoneyMyanmar: What YOU can do!

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Here are some suggestions of what you can do to support the Blood Money campaign.

  • EVERYONE: Stay informed on current developments in Myanmar and the companies involved! #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
  • GROUPS/ UNIONS: Organize actions to pressure companies that keep doing businesses in Myanmar and which support the military junta by doing so!
  • EVERYONE: Use social media to put the topic on the agenda! #BloodMoneyMyanmar
  • EVERYONE: Sign petitions –>
Support this petition!

Please include the following elements in your action:

When rallying in front of offices/ stores/ headquarters of companies involved in Myanmar

display messages such as: [Company name] involved in murder! | [Company name] support military junta in Myanmar! | Stop working with military junta! | Stop doing business in Myanmar! | We stand in solidarity with CDM!

ask questions and display statements on posters and protest signs:
Are you perpetrator with SAC (State Administration Council) in human rights violations and genocide?
Are you perpetrator with SAC in war crimes and crimes against humanity?
Killing almost 1000 people with your currencies!
All currencies that you transfer to SAC are accessories to murder!
Are you supporting the Myanmar Military killings?

display the main aims of the campaign:
1. Freeze the terrorist SAC (State Administration Council) income!
2. Cut off the junta’s access to international business!
3. Stop paying to crime against humanity!

include visual elements such as blood stained dolls and/or mannequins to support a “shock effect” with a campaign message in red colour on a paper or clothes.
Alternatively hands soaked in red colour can be used as well.
… include the logo in your action to directly connect it with the campaign.