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Below materials related to the Blood Money Campaign are collected.

BMC Announcement – Stop working with genocidal regime

Explainer – EU sanctions on MOGE

Explainer – TotalEnergies, Chevron Exit!

How Chinese Mining Investment Fund the Myanmar Military:
(by Publish What You Pay – Australia, Oct. 2021)

in English
en français

Gas companies, payments and their workers – Prioritizing safety or making excuses?

How Big Oil uses the language of Human Rights to justify complicity in actrocity crimes in Myanmar

Download text blocks which provide more background information and can help in the creation of leaflets on the local level available in English and German.

Audio message from the Blood Money Campaign (1)
Audio message from the Blood Money Campaign (2)

Short presentations on BMC

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Video featuring some of the victims of the military junta:

All slides used in the video can also be downloaded in this .pdf.