#BloodMoneyMyanmar – Global Week of Action (Sept. 11- 18th)

Activists on the ground as well as the grassroot labour unions in the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM) have initiated the Blood Money Campaign. The campaign aims to pressure companies that keep doing business in Myanmar to freeze all payments there immediately in order to cut off financial resources for the military junta.

Every month a common day or week of action will be coordinated. The working group Asia of the International Confederation of Labour (ICL) together with the individuals and organisations who initiated the Blood Money Campaign and the IWW Ireland call on all emancipatory groups and organisations to join the Global Week of Action in September!

What you can do:

  • Show your solidarity and support on social media with the hashtags #BloodMoneyMyanmar #StopPayingToJunta #FreezeDollarToJunta
  • Plan direct actions in front of offices, branches and headquarters of companies active in Myanmar (e.g. Primark or Adidas stores, offices of Volkswagen or branches of DHL Deutsche Post Group). You will find a complete list and more material for a protest here). In line with the campaign theme of blood money, you can use visual elements like bloody dolls or hands soaked in red color to create a “shock effect”.
  • Send a letter of protest to the corporations that continue to do business with the military.
  • Support fundraiser such as We Resist – Burma: firefund.net/weresistburma

If you have questions or are planning actions, please let us know. Here you will find suggestions for flyer texts, sample letters of protest and image material.
Don’t forget to send a report of your activities: asia@icl-cit.org | bloodmoneycampaign21@gmail.com.

Show our comrades in Myanmar that they are not alone, show your worldwide solidarity!


A next open online meeting for common coordinations in October 2021 is scheduled for
Sept. 19th2:30 pm UTCmeet.jit.si/BMCnetworking !


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