#BloodMoneyMyanmar – Online Protest

An online protest for the suspension of blood money to the Military Junta will be conducted from 25 Sept. to 30 Sept. on all social media platforms especially facebook and twitter.

The following activities are recommended to participate in this online protest:

  • Posting the demands from Blood Money Campaign facebook page and/or using own statements relate to the campaign (see below)
  • Posting photos with “Three Finger Salute Sign” together with the statements/demands (for examples see below)
  • Wearing red dress/shirt (or) painting red on white clothing to visualize blood stains and take photos to post on social media
  • Using own creatives (arts, graphics, comics, cartoons, memes, etc) related to blood money campaign.

Together with above activities, please also tag/mention the social media channels of @TotalEnergiesMyanmar on fb/ @TotalEnergies on twitter and @Chevron in your social media post.

Here are the recommended statements/demands to use in this protest:

  • Total and Chevron Corporations are responsible for all war crimes in Myanmar.
  • Total and Chevron, Stop accessories to murder.
  • Total and Chevron – Freeze all payment to MOGE until the power is restored by civilian government, NUG.

Please also use the following hashtags in your posts as much as possible:

#BloodMoneyMyanmar | #FreezePaymentsToJunta | #Total_StopSponsoringSAC | #Chevron_StopSponsoringSAC | #SanctionMOGE | #StopFundingCrimesAgainstHumanity | #ဖက်ဆစ်စစ်တပ်အမြစ်ဖျက်ဖို့_သွေးစွန်းငွေဖြတ်တောက်စို့

Some details on the involvement of TotalEnergies and Chevron can be found in the section of Blacklisted Companies.


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