#BloodMoneyMyanmar: EU sanctions MOGE – international community must follow!

On February 21st the EU announced to impose further sanctions on the military junta, this time including the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). This is an important step forward in the struggle against the military dictatorship and also the result of efforts of the Blood Money Campaign.

Now it’s time for the rest of the international community to follow suit! This way the flow of revenues for the junta will be cut off.

EXPLAINER published by Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (GMSR) and Blood Money Campaign (BMC) on March 17th, 2022:

PRESS RELEASE by Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (GMSR) and Blood Money Campaign (BMC) as part of Global Actions Against The Myanmar Junta (GAAMJ):

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Sample tweets:

@POTUS @SecBlinken US government must sanction MOGE, the state-owned entity firmly under the general’s control for the last two decades and its revenues clearly used in slaughtering innocent civilians.

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks We calls on the international community to apply immediate sanction against genocidal Junta and its entity Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise.

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks The Myanmar military are using income from Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise to genocide religious and ethnic minorities. The more you dealy, The more we suffer!

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks Stop yourself from becoming an accomplice in war crimes and genocide in Myanmar. Sanction Gas Revenues!

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks Urgent action needed to sanction MOGE which is bankrolling the Myanmar military regime for decades and still slaughtering Myanmar civilians.

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks Please Sanction Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise to end American complicity in violations of international law in Burma.

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks Foreign income from oil and gas sector is also one of the main reasons why military dictatorship sustains in Myanmar according to the ‘88 uprising’. Must #SanctionMOGE Now!

@SecBlinken @POTUS @marcorubio @BenCardinforMD @SenMarkey @RepGregoryMeeks If Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterpise is allowed to access oil and gas revenues, they can sustain and entrench their regime. We call for immediate sanction on MOGE.

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