Online Meeting #2: Coordinating #GlobalMayDay2022

February 27th (Sunday) – Coordinations for Global May Day 2022

Following the May Days in 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021, IWW Ireland, IWW Bristol and SAC-Syndikalisterna in Sweden expressed interest in the coordination of Global May Day 2022. During a first meeting a comrade of IWW Ireland suggested to put the focus this May Day on climate change and environmental destruction and how these fights are connected with the class struggle. To continue to work on this idea and discuss any other suggestions, this next meeting on February 27th is scheduled.

Let’s create a common framework to connect May Day actions around the world in 2022.

Everyone sympathizing with the Global May Day self-conception is welcome to participate!

Suggested agenda:

  • Round of introduction
  • Introducing the basic concept of Global May Day
  • Any new ideas/inputs?
  • Focus: environmental destruction and class struggle
  • Next steps

Feel free to communicate any proposals for changes to the agenda ahead of the meeting.

How to join the meeting

February 27th (Sunday) — 10am EST, 3pm UTC, 4pm CET, 7:30pm IST
!! this time converter can help you find out what time 3pm UTC will be at your location !!


Enter your (nick)name and incl. your organisation and location.
You can download the app on your mobile or access the room via your browser. It’s preferable to have a functioning mic. Activating the camera is optional. As a last resort the chat function inside the room can be used as well.

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