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Students in Dhaka support CDM in Myanmar

Cultural activists as well as students organized with the Bangladesh Student Union (BSU) rallied today in Shahbag, a district of Dhaka. The protest was held against the military junta and its attacks on the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). A particular focus was on the recent killing of poet Khet Thi.
The action also took place in the context of Call for International CDM Solidarity.

Myanmar poet Khet Thi, whose works declare resistance to the ruling junta, has died in detention and his body was returned with the organs removed, his family said.

A spokesperson for the junta did not answer calls to request comment on the death of Khet Thi, who had penned the line “They shoot in the head, but they don’t know the revolution is in the heart.” His Facebook page said he was 45.

source: theguardian.com

Among others the following speech was held in Bangla:

The people of Myanmar continue to fight for democracy in the face of intense repression. Those fighting against the dictatorship are killed in the streets every day. At least 750 people have been killed so far in the protests. But still the movement continues. They died for democracy. The military junta is not stopping and keeps using lethal violence in the streets. Every day organizers and activists of the movement disappear, including journalists, intellectuals, poets and writers who inspire the struggle for freedom. One of the latest victims is Khet Thi, a poet dedicated to the democratic movement in Myanmar.
The barbaric acts of the military junta is captured in the media emerging from various sources, both reliable and unofficial, in the midst of extreme repression. Nowhere in the recent past has there been so much loss of life for democracy in the world – as right now in Myanmar. However, the movement against the barbaric position of Myanmar’s military junta and the killing of people is far from over. Regional politics, regional interests, diplomacy is actually for whom? For the people or for the oppressive regime? If the rulers have the last word; if the issue of man and his freedom becomes secondary, then what are the United Nations good for? 
The Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar is also a motivating force against fascism and dictatorship in Bangladesh. The martyred poet Khet Thi of this movement is our nephew. Let us make clear our position against the brutal repression in Myanmar by demanding justice for Khet Thi’s murder. We sympathize with the struggle of the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar. At the same time, we unite our forces against all kinds of undemocratic, fascist forces at home and abroad.


#GlobalMayDay2021 in Hamburg: CDM solidarity | Rallies attacked by Cops

In Hamburg the local syndicates of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU), Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) as well as the anarchist Black-Red May Day alliance announced to put their May Day activities in the context of Global May Day 2021.

Initially all three planned to come together for an anarchist May Day demonstration. The call was ready and FAU and IWW prepared to mobilize for a syndicalist block. In the end the rally was called off because the permission was not given and police was massively present at the gathering points.

Therefore the IWW and FAU comrades decided to spontaneously gather at a Deutsche Post DHL distribution center to express solidarity with the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar in reaction to the Call for International CDM Solidarity. After all DHL keeps doing business with the military junta.

#Call4InternationalCDMsolidarity | #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar | #1world1struggle

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