#BloodMoneyMyanmar: Global Week of Action to #SanctionMOGE! (May 7 – 15th)

#US_SanctionMOGE – Global Action Week
May 7 – 15th, 2022

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Online activities and ground movement

1. Photo Campaign

(a) Write the requested text on a paper and upload the photo to your social media accounts with the three-finger salute sign.

You can wear a red shirt, a blood-stained shirt, and a red armband.

Requested text on paper:

  1. Biden – the more you delay, the more we suffer. Sanction Gas Revenues!
  2. Save lives by cutting off the genocidal Junta’s financial pillars, gas revenues.
  3. Mr. President – Stop atrocities in Myanmar, Sanction MOGE right now!
  4. USA – please sanction MOGE
  5. No gas? No lights? We don’t care as long as we stay alive!
  6. No oil? No jobs? It’s OK, if the killing stops!

Hashtags to use:
#US_SanctionMOGE #TakeAction_NoMoreWords #BloodMoneyMyanmar

2. Twitter mass trending


Accounts to mention:

@POTUS (President Joe Biden)
@USTreasury (Department of Treasury)

On the Twitter Team For Revolution facebook page, you can see the dates and times to join Twitter mass trending. To support the mass trending, the below pictures and these sample tweets (.doc) were created!

3. Comment Campaign (Facebook and Twitter)

#US_SanctionMOGE #SanctionGasRevenues

• President Joe Biden
• US Department of Treasury

• President Joe Biden
• US Department of Treasury

For the comments you can use these sample texts (.doc).

4. Profile Frame Campaign

  1. To change the profile frame, access this link.
  2. Click on choose photo
  3. Pick the photo you want to choose as a profile picture.
  4. If a check mark appears on the image, click done in the upper right corner.
  5. Then click next and download the image.
  6. Now you can see the picture in your phone gallery.
  7. You can create a profile on your social accounts.

5. Public Letter Campaign to President Biden

Send the following text to the white house:

On February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military seized power in a coup d’etat, imprisoning civilian leaders as well as pro-democracy and human rights advocates.
In response to this coup, young people in Myanmar have taken to the streets in a new #CivilDisobedienceMovement (CDM) demanding an end to military rule. They are calling on the international community to impose tough and targeted sanctions, including stopping oil and gas companies from bankrolling the military through their partnerships with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE).
The military is now brutally cracking down, imprisoning, injuring, and killing thousands of peaceful pro-democracy protesters. The United States has already imposed sanctions on top military leaders and some military-owned companies. But it is vital that the United States honor CDM’s call for tougher targeted sanctions that stop the flow of money from foreign corporations to the Myanmar military.
It is long past time for the United States to impose sanctions on Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE)​ as part of stopping oil and gas companies – such as Chevron, Total, Petronas, and Posco – from continuing to bankroll the Burmese military.
Please take all appropriate actions to end the flow of money from foreign corporations to Myanmar’s military.

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