#BloodMoneyMyanmar: Poster Competition

Invitation to the Blood Money Poster Competition

Sanctions on MOGE (Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise), the military’s largest source of capital, are an important act for Burma’s spring revolution. Sanctions on MOGE are a way to put an end to the dictatorship in Myanmar, and the poster competition aims to mobilize the international community and the people of Myanmar and intensify the Blood Money Campaign.

The Blood Money Campaign invites you to take part in a poster design competition to counter the military junta that oppresses the people with money from oil and gas.

You can create amazing art by using the following related context:
1) Cutting off the financial sources of the current military junta.
2) The survival of the junta with money from oil and gas and the importance of cutting off their income sources.
3) Illustrating oil and gas revenues as the source of funding for crimes against humanity, human rights violations and war crimes.
4) The need of imposing sanctions on the oil and gas industry (gas revenues).

Sanction MOGE; Sanctions against MOGE; Blood Money Campaign

Recognition and Rewards
Winners will receive a cash prize and social development training.
The selected poster will be auctioned off as a document of the Spring Revolution, and proceeds will be donated to war-torn areas.
All participants will be receiving a Spring Revolution honorable certificate.

Preferred size is A2 with a resolution of 300 ppi in photoshop or illustrator format. Please submit your art to bloodmoneycampaign21@gmail.com.
The deadline for submissions is February 5th, nominees will be reviewed by a panel of judges and announced on the Blood Money Campaign page. The judge committee consists of experts from the relevant field.

Submission Rules
1) Must be your own creative art.
2) Do not copy.
3) Even if your poster is not selected, you must be able to use it for the revolution if needed.

For more information, please contact: Blood Money Campaign facebook page messenger or drop a line at bloodmoneycampaign21@gmail.com.

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