#GlobalMayDay2021: Activities across Brazil

The syndicates belonging to the Federation of Revolutionary Syndicalist Organisations (Federação de Organizações Sindicalistas Revolucionária do Brasil (FOB)) in Brazil arranged various activities across the country. FOB as a whole supports the call for Global May Day 2021.


Interventions by Coletivo Carranca, from FOB Vale do São Francisco.


Agitation activities organized by SIGA-DF.


Unified action together with POR, SIGA-CE, Coletivo Carcará and GEAP.
Focus was on a basic income and a minimum wage, a program against hunger, misery and unemployment, an end to the genocide and violence against the poor, black and indigenous people.

source: twitter.com


Interventions and graffitis by SIGA-SC.


Interventions by FAT / FOB, leaflets and collages.


Intervention by SIT-AP.

source: twitter.com

Rio de Janeiro

Common action together with FIST, RALE, Coletivo Baixada Anarquista and SIGA-RJ. to mark the International Day of Struggle for the Working Class and the memory of the working martyrs, demanding immediate vaccination for the people!

São Paulo

Mobilisations for a General Strike.


FOB gluing and leafleting.

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