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California: Support farm workers at Somona County

In context of #GlobalMayDay2022, IWW Ireland organised the film screening ‘Fruits of Labor’ as part of the theme environmental destruction and class struggle.
Fruits of Labor is a documentary film with a multi-year campaign for mixed-status families and farm workers. At present they are hosting a tour of outdoor screenings in partnership with immigrant, indigenous and worker’s rights organisations through the #BloominJustice campaign in California, USA.
As an action point coming from the discussion that took place after the film screening, we agreed to help to support and share information on ongoing struggles by farm workers there.

At present, farm workers organised with North Bay Jobs With Justice, a grassroots labour coalition building power among farm worker communities in the North Bay of Santa Rosa, California, are organising to demand better pay and work conditions due to the risk that wildfires have for their health and safety.
Fire season overlaps with the grape harvest season; many vineyards require workers to pick the grapes on days with excessive smoke to have all the grapes picked before the fires destroy their vineyards.

Despite multiple years of devastating climate change fueled wildfires, Sonoma County still does not have a formal policy addressing farmworker safety in wildfire evacuation zones.
Now they are calling on the Sonoma Board of Supervisors to implement a set of priorities based on 5 basic demands for language justice, hazard pay and disaster insurance, by June 1st 2022.

For these reasons, we put out this call of solidarity and support for the workers organising in North Bay Jobs With Justice, which – for now – consists of signing the petition (below) as well as this letter  and sharing them with your networks and social media.

Júlia (IWW Ireland)

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