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#DeliveryHeroRidersUnited: efood (Greece) riders mobilize against freelance regime!

For the past few weeks riders and grassroot unions connected to brands of Delivery Hero (e.g. Foodpanda, Yemeksepeti, Talabat, efood, Glovo, PedidosYa) initiated a common network: Delivery Hero Riders United! The network is continuously expanding, delivery workers at Delivery Hero are uniting internationally to fight for their interests together!

While riders at Foodpanda Myanmar are still on strike, efood riders in Athens mobilize because the company announced to deprive workers with 4-hours contracts to choose their working schedule, with the intent of pushing them towards the freelance regime.

Today’s 4-hours work stoppage was participated by around 400 efood workers, who took the streets with a motorbike demo that ended at the central offices of #efood (#DeliveryHero). Management refused to accept our demands. Like always, we want victory and nothing less and so we’ll escalate the struggle and take the street again next Friday, 24th of June, but this time with a full strike. Until the company will not gave in to our demands, it will find us right against it.

source: twitter.com

Demands of efood workers:

  1. The company must give back to the workers with 4-hours contracts the right to choose the working schedule they prefer. 
  2. The company must start hiring again workers with employee contracts and at the same time it must stop hiring freelancers. 
  3. The company must give to employees with 4-hours contracts the possibility to switch to a full-time contract, for those that want it. 
  4. The company must give compensation for gas expenses based on the actual kilometers travelled, as the law already requires, instead of basing the compensation on some other calculation.

Some Foodpanda riders in Myanmar used the day of protest in Athens to express their solidarity:

The Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike Riders (SVEOD) provides more infomation on the struggle of efood riders: sveod.gr.