The year 2022 saw several strikes and protests at various companies owned by Delivery Hero. For example at Foodpanda Hong Kong, Foodpanda Pakistan, Yemeksepeti in Turkey, Talabat (United Arab Emirates), efood (Greece) and Foodpanda Myanmar. Delivery Hero, with its headquarter in Berlin, usually sits out the efforts by workers. Consequently Foodpanda riders in Myanmar, with support of the International Confederation of Labor (ICL) Working Group Asia as well as external translators, kicked off efforts of connecting with fellow Delivery Hero riders worldwide.

The initiative Delivery Hero Riders United was born.

You are working for a brand linked to Delivery Hero or are involved in a union used by Delivery Hero riders to get organized? Get in touch with us: dhridersunited@protonmail.com.


May 1st | (efood) riders went on strike in Athens

Report from comrades on the ground in Athens, where SVEOD called for a strike to mark May Day, which was also joined by many efood riders:

On 1st of May 2023 riders in Athens (Greece) went on strike and organized a motorbike demo in the northern districts of the city. The strike was called by the Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike Riders (SVEOD), a union for all workers with two-wheels vehicle.

The demands are:
– abolition of undeclared work
– abolition of the anti-labour articles of the Chatzidaki law (4808/2021)
– permanent employee contracts for all platforms riders
– hazardous occupation insurance
– full application of the law 4611/2019

Since our foundation in 2007, we are still advancing with victorious struggles, we are still fighting for our profession, for class re-organization and counterattack.


source: twiter.com

April 11th | Hearing to decide on self-employment of riders postponed again in Turkey

Comrades of the labour union TEHIS share the following update:

March 16th | Action at Ministry of Labour in Buenos Aires

Riders of the grassroot union SiTraRepA rallied in front of the Ministry of Labour in their struggle to be recognized as a labour union. In Argentina – like many other parts of South America – many riders work for PedidosYa, which is part of the Delivery Hero empire.

sources: instagram.com | facebook.com | twitter.com

March 16th | General strike in Greece again

Another general strike was joined by efood riders in Athens. Their rally was attacked by riot cops this time.

A comrade on the ground reports:

General strike in Greece today. We participated as SVEOD and also the union of efood workers participated.

On the Banner it says: They are not accidents – We are under no illusions | State and capital kill

It refers to the train crash that happened two weeks ago. Two trains had a frontal crash in the same line, going in opposite directions. At least 60 people died that we know of. The accident could have been easily avoided if any safety system was working, but private companies managing those lines didn’t have any safety system going on. Since 20 years transport unions were denouncing the situation but the various governments and the media always took the side of private capital and covered it up. So finally the accident happened. It is two weeks now that there have been many big demonstrations and a couple strikes.

video on twitter: twitter.com // more Details: twitter.com

statement by SVEOD: sveod.gr (English) | sveod.gr (Deutsch)

March 8th, 2023 | General strike in Greece

Around 100 000 workers came together for a general strike rally in Athens. It was also joined by efood riders.

February 14th, 2023 | Little success in Hong Kong

Today another fellow rider lost his life in a tragic accident on his way to work in the streets of Hong Kong. On the same day foodpanda announced changes in their insurance policies. The Riders’ Rights Concern Group informs:

December 6th, 2022 | March to Ministry of Labour in Buenos Aires

The grassroot union SiTraRepA mobilized to rally in front of the Ministry of Labour in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. SiTraRepA is currently struggling to be officially recognized as a labour union.

sources: instagram.com | facebook.com

November 3rd/4th, 2022 | Self-organized strike by foodpanda riders in Hong Kong re-loaded

Riders are back in action again and self-organized a second strike in a short period of time. The previous strike took place on October 15th (see below). Now, on November 3rd and 4th (Thursday/ Friday) hundreds of riders refused to sell their labour and rallied at different points across Hong Kong instead. The main issue is still the pay cut disguised under the new map system. (complete report: globalmayday.net)

October 16th, 2022 | Wildcat strike at Mjam in Vienna

More than 100 Mjam (Delivery Hero) riders spontaneouly went on strike fighting for higher wages as well as safer and healthier working conditions.
The riders are employed as freelancers and are currently in the process of self-organisation. No reactions by Delivery Hero to the demands yet. Further strikes might follow soon.

Report in German: zackzack.at
Updates on the struggle: fb.com/RidersCollective

October 15th, 2022 – Strike at Foodpanda Hong Kong

For more than one year riders in Hong Kong have been waiting for Foodpanda (Delivery Hero) to implement the real distance map calculation scheme. Last month this new scheme was finally announced.
Now it turns out that the long awaited new scheme results in a pay cut.
Consequently riders get organized and went on strike today.

More pictures on telegra.ph.
For more information: globalmayday.net

September 27th, 2022 – Strike in Dhaka

Foodpanda riders went on strike in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and released the following statement:

Today, September 27, Tuesday, from 11 am onwards, the riders staged a strike and protest rally at Bailey Road and Moghbazar area to reduce the amount fixed by Foodpanda as per batch of its riders (last two days ago).
From that rally, the riders raised 5 demands.
The claims are

  1. Remuneration shall be paid at previous rate. Remuneration shall not be deducted.
  2. For more than one order, full payment in batches shall be made.
  3. Sudden ‘ID Break’ cannot be done
  4. Full payment must be paid on canceled orders
  5. Riders should be adequately compensated in case of accident

A rider, who did not want to be named, said when contacted:
“At present the payment to the riders is already very low. It becomes difficult to earn 100 Taka every two hours. On top of that, the payment per parcel has been reduced.
This is a fraud on the riders. Where there is an abnormal increase in the price of daily necessities, the salary has been reduced instead of increasing. We will not accept it in any way.”
The rally called for a protest rally tomorrow on September 28 at 11 am in front of the National Press Club.


It was possible to continue the strike for two days. Later, the bosses of the local office of foodpanda with the help of the police suppressed the rider activist’s by intimidating them. After that, 35 riders had their IDs permanently suspended.

Reported by a rider on the ground

September 26th, 2022 – New distance calculation method announced in Hong Kong

Announcement made by Foodpanda Hong Kong:

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new distance component calculation method supported by Google Maps, which will measure the actual distance traveled instead of the Manhattan length from this week onwards. The new distance calculation method will provide a more accurate, more transparent, and fairer service fee scheme to the fleet, with no change on the base (minimum) order service fee for any zones or vehicle. As with any new function launch, we highly welcome and encourage you to share your feedback with us by raising a ticket to Rider Support via the rider app, so that we can continuously monitor the performance and ensure the roll-out is as smooth as possible.

Below are a few key points of the new delivery distance calculation method:

– This new method, supported by Google Maps will vastly improve distance accuracy as it measures the actual distance traveled instead of the previous Manhattan length calculation.
– Where there are multiple paths available, the route suggested by Google Maps will be used for our service fee calculation.
-Stack order service fees will also be more accurate and fair by measuring the actual distance traveled of each journey that happens between different pickup locations (on stacked orders).
* Please refer to the image above for the Current vs. New Stack Orders Distance Calculation Methods
– This new method is not yet applicable to canceled orders (including orders canceled after pick up and return trip to vendor) at the moment (i.e. canceled orders will still be using Manhattan distance). The system will be updated soon whereby Google Maps’ actual distance traveled will also be applicable to canceled orders.

shared inside the Operations Team Telegram channel

Foodpanda (DH) Hong Kong finally implements the new real-distance map (this was promised in the agreement after the 2021 strike). We’ll see how it works in reality. Riders worry that they will still make the income unchanged as the distance pay is not transparent.

Comrades in other countries can probably use this news to pressure the local DH company on the issue of distance calculation and distance fee.

UPDATE (Oct. 1st):

The launch of the new map (distance calculation) turns out to be very problematic. In many zones workers feel the orders are actually paid lower than before. It seems the company has reduced or is reducing the distance RATE as the distance value is often calculated higher with the new map (that’s why workers demand for it in the first place, because the payment should reflect the real distance).
In one zone riders self-organised a strike today and tomorrow, but it hasn’t spread to other zones by now. More riders are waiting until the system is more settled (as now it’s full of abnormal things and bugs) or are thinking if they need to strike asap. […]
The most active workers’ informal network will discuss the issue and the decision in the coming few days.

Reported by Riders’ Rights Concern Group

September 9th, 2022 – Hong Kong riders meet officials

HK riders tell the government: ‘Legislation is needed to solve everything.’

On 9/9, three riders met with Labour & Welfare Bureau and Labour Department officials, together with a family member of the victim in the deadly foodpanda accident and two NGOs, to demand more protections.
Workers told the government why it should DO legislation instead of considering whether to do it. The officials recognised current laws are unable to protect gig workers so new measure are needed. It will first do a survey by 2023 and continue to meet with workers to listen to their views.
Riders welcome the willingness to take measures, but it must be done asap and ensure strong protection. We will voice out concerns continually, as how we make ourselves heard will decide what we can get.

This is also part of the global struggle against misclassification (false self-employment) and the fight for decent working conditions and protections for ALL workers.

Report by the Riders’ Rights Concern Group

September 7th, 2022 – Letter to Ministry of Labour by riders in Hong Kong

The working arrangements are basically the same as before, but our labour rights are totally denied.

Freelance work attempting to hide dependent employee relationship.

August 17th, 2022 – Open letter handed over to foodpanda Hong Kong | Accidents at efood in Athens, riders mobilize

Hong Kong

Open letter supported by 25 labour organizations was handed over to foodpanda Hong Kong. The letter was initiated by foodpanda riders and family members of a rider who lost his life in an accident on July 26th.

Foodpanda confirmed to react by August 24th.


Message by a rider on the ground:

A statement was released by the Union of efood Workers here in Athens (Greece), in relation to two working accidents that happened in the last 20 days or so to colleagues of efood.  
One of them happened on July 27th, and it was fatal, the colleague lost his life in the accident. The more recent one happened one week ago, it was still very serious, we know the colleague received surgery to the head, but we don’t have any update on his health at the moment. A third deadly accident happened to a colleague of efood back on January 9th 2022. 
All three colleagues hit their head and had the helmet provided by efood at the moment of the accident, showing how the helmet given by efood to its workers doesn’t work better than a simple hat. It only serves the purpose of advertising the company logo.

Message sent to the Delivery Hero Riders United telegram group on August 15th

In reaction to the accidents some efood riders rallied in front of the Ministry of Labour the following day and read out the statement publicly.

July 6th, 2022 – Struggle continues in Myanmar

Riders across Myanmar stay mobilized and keep pressuring Foodpanda.
The Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike Riders (SVEOD) in Greece expresses support.

June 26th, 2022 – Riders in Manila express solidarity

At the Kagulong General Membership meeting in Quezon City Metro Manila comrades took this picture in support of the ongoing struggles in Greece and Myanmar.

June 24th, 2022 – Strike at efood in Athens

The struggle against the freelance regime and for the compensation of petrol expenses continues also in Greece. Following a four hours work stoppage last week, hundreds of efood (Delivery Hero) riders joined the strike rally in the city center of Athens today. Colleagues of Foodpanda Myanmar sent a solidarity message.
More details here!

June 20th, 2022 – Solidarity from the Philippines

Delivery workers organized with the riders’ union Kagulong express their support for the ongoing strike at Foodpanda Myanmar:

June 17th, 2022 – Work stoppage at efood (Greece)

While riders at Foodpanda Myanmar are still on strike, efood riders in Athens mobilize because the company announced to deprive workers with 4-hours contracts to choose their working schedule, with the intent of pushing them towards the freelance regime.

Today’s 4-hours work stoppage was participated by around 400 efood workers, who took the streets with a motorbike demo that ended at the central offices of #efood (#DeliveryHero). Management refused to accept our demands. Like always, we want victory and nothing less and so we’ll escalate the struggle and take the street again next Friday, 24th of June, but this time with a full strike. Until the company will not gave in to our demands, it will find us right against it.

source: twitter.com

Some Foodpanda riders in Myanmar used the day of protest in Athens to express their solidarity:

A seperate entry abailable on globalmayday.net.

June 14th, 2022 – Press conference

A press conference was held by riders online. It was live-streamed on various facebook pages. For now the focus was limited to media on the local level, therefore it took place in Burmese only.

June 13th, 2022 – efood riders announce work stoppage

The decision to take to the streets was taken by the “Union of Efood’s Workers (Athens)”, as a result of the recent changes introduced by the company, that deprive workers with 4-hours contracts to choose their working schedule, with the intent of pushing them towards the freelance regime if they want to continue to work for efood.

sent by email

Demands of efood workers:

1. The company must give back to the workers with 4-hours contracts the right to choose the working schedule they prefer. 

2. The company must start hiring again workers with employee contracts and at the same time it must stop hiring freelancers. 

3. The company must give to employees with 4-hours contracts the possibility to switch to a full-time contract, for those that want it. 

4. The company must give compensation for gas expenses based on the actual kilometers travelled, as the law already requires, instead of basing the compensation on some other calculation.

The Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike riders (SVEOD) explains the company’s move: sveod.gr.
Original call in Greek: sveod.gr

June 12th, 2022 – FGWM support

The Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM) stands side-by-side with the striking delivery workers at Foodpanda:

source: facebook.com

June 11th, 2022 – Announcement: Zero Customers

Striking Foodpanda riders in Myanmar decided to call for a zero customers public offensive starting on Monday (June 13th), if the Foodpanda management didn’t react to their demands by then:

June 9th, 2022 – Riders on the Philippines join network | Strike continues with #deletefoodpanda offensive

The delivery worker unions Kagulong and Gig Riders Alliance of the Philippines (GRAPh) released a statement in support of the ongoing strike at Foodpanda Myanmar and announced to endorse the open letter.

Solidarity with the strike of Myanmar Foodpanda riders!

We declare our support for the ongoing strike of Foodpanda delivery riders in Myanmar. We call on Foodpanda and its owner Delivery Hero to heed the 8-point demands of the delivery riders on strike.

The grievances of Foodpanda delivery riders arise from the capitalist greed of the app which is cutting its labor costs while increasing labor productivity in order to generate more profit. The pay cuts come on top of the opacity of the algorithm that unilaterally dictates on riders how to do their work and how to do it with ruthless efficiency in disregard of safety and health of workers.

These same grievances animated the protests of Foodpanda riders in the Philippines. In November 2020, hundreds of Foodpanda riders held a protest ride to the main office of the Labor Department against reduced pay and safety concerns. Then in July 2021, a separate group of hundreds of Foodpanda riders held a log-off protest in the southern part of the Philippines.

Only through unity and action can Foodpanda riders resolve these workplace grievances. And by solidarity across different countries where Foodpanda and Delivery Hero operate, we heighten our leverage and amplify our power.

Kagulong (Kapatiran sa Dalawang Gulong)
Gig Riders Alliance of the Philippines (GRAPh)

source: facebook.com

The strike continues and riders distributed leaflets in the capital city Yangon informing about their strike and asking customers to delete the Foodpanda app:

June 7th, 2022 – Strike continues!

The strike by riders at Foodpanda Myanmar continued today also with direct actions in the streets:

June 6th, 2022 – Foodpanda Myanmar riders go on strike!
Fellow DH riders in solidarity internationally!

Following an initial strike action, which started on March 16th, riders at Foodpanda Myanmar went on a second strike today. They laid out their goals and call for boycott in this statement:

To mark this day, some riders took pictures:

The strike attracted attention of local media outlets. Many local groups such as student unions and resistance political forces, also helped spread the news about the riders strike (except one sad news is a group of youth who did rally in Monywa city in support of riders’ strike were chased by military and police vehicles and tried to run into them, fortunately they could avoid the hit and run). Riders said about 90% of them joined the work stoppage and are trying hard to keep the momemtun, surely this will be a challenging task due to foodpanda’s employment of enough new riders to substitute the old ones. But riders are determined to fight until their demands are achieved.

Update from the ground [10:30 pm]

Solidarity from Athens

Riders of the Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike riders (S.V.E.O.D.) rallied in front of efood headquarter in Athens and also managed to inform people inside the headquarter about the strike by the colleagues in Myanmar.

in the global village of planet earth, distances have been reduced to zero. Whether we are working in Athens, in Rio de Janeiro, in Sydney or in Yangon Myanmar, the struggle for full salary and insurance rights is a common one. The struggle for class dignity and class pride doesn’t have any age, it doesn’t have colour, it doesn’t have sex or gender, it doesn’t have religion, it doesn’t have nationality. International solidarity and the common struggles of our class were, are and will always be our collective answer to every violation of our labour rights.
As a union we support the struggle of our colleagues in Myanmar that starts on 6th of June 2022, challenging the boot of the military regime, against the exploitation and the oppression of the digital platform Foodpanda, subsidiary of the German multinational Delivery Hero.


Solidarity from Istanbul

The Tourism, Leisure and Service Workers’ Union (TEHIS), within which also riders of Yemeksepeti (Delivery Hero) are organized, arranged a rally in solidarity in Istanbul: