Coordinating #GlobalMayDay2023 – open meeting April 9th

We are in the middle of the coordinations for Global May Day 2023. A call to action was already finalized. To discuss common coordinations during the week of action (April 26th – May 3rd) and maybe to include a solidarity partnership, all identifying with the Global May Day self-conception are invited to participate in the next meeting on April 9th.

Main page for #GlobalMayDay2023.

Check out this page for an overview of activties connected to #GlobalMayDay2022.

This will be the fourth meeting related to the coordination of Global May Day 2023.

Suggested agenda:

  • Round of introduction
  • Introducing concept of Global May Day 2023 (call, symbols, communication)
  • Common coordinations (e.g. online film screening, follow-up meeting)
  • Solidarity partnerships?
  • Materials (e.g. posters, share-pics)
  • Coordinating next steps

Feel free to communicate any proposals related to #GlobalMayDay2023 ahead of the meeting. This way participants can also consider them beforehand.

How to join the meeting

April 9th (Sunday) — 11am EST, 3pm UTC, 5pm CET, 8:30pm IST
!! this time converter can help you find out what time 3pm UTC will be at your location !!


Enter your (nick)name and incl. your organisation and location.
It’s preferable to have a functioning mic. Activating the camera is optional. As a last resort the chat function inside the room can be used as well.

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