#BloodMoneyMyanmar: Open letter submitted to French Governmet – NO exemptions for TotalEnergies!

TotalEnergies already announced to move out of Myanmar this year. But still revenues keep flowing from TotalEnergies to the military junta. Therefore 459 civil society organisations submitted an open letter to the French government urging them to stick to EU sanctions and not provide any exemptions for TotalEnergies! For more details check out the page on the Blood Money Campaign.

Open Letter to President Macron:
Do not authorize TotalEnergies’ use of exemptions to EU sanctions!

Worldwide call: Do not authorize TotalEnergies’ use of exemptions to EU Sanctions on the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE)

We urge President Macron and the French Government to:
1. Prevent millions of dollars of gas revenues reaching the junta by refusing to authorize TotalEnergies’ use of exemptions to EU sanctions – instead enforce EU sanctions and ensure that TotalEnergies does not hand over its share and interests to MOGE, and continue making and facilitating payments to MOGE before it exits or bring in a new operator that will collude with the junta.

2. Continue to support the Myanmar people’s efforts to defeat the brutal military junta and build a federal democracy and stop TotalEnergies from funding genocidaires, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Please stand with justice and humanity!

459 Myanmar, regional & international organizations including Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, Humanitarian & charity organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, strike committees and labour unions from 20 countries.

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