#GlobalMayDay2021: #KillTheBill rally in Bristol

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Bristol support the call for Global May Day 2021 and called to join the #KillTheBill rally in town with the text below.

Happy May Day to our Fellow Workers in Bristol and around the world!

This May Day we invite our members and supporters in Bristol to join us on the streets to march for the rights of all workers and to defeat police repression!

Join us on College Green from 5pm for FREE FOOD and a rally by speaker from Bristol’s frontline communities followed by a march and #KillTheBill demonstration starting at 6pm. FB Event; BRISTOL #KILLTHEBILL – 1ST MAY – 5PM | Facebook

Through the course of the health crisis, due to corrupt politicians and the injustices of the economic system in which we live thousands of working families have been facing additional hardships at work and our communities are now dealing with tragic human losses; many of which could have been avoided if those in power had taken action sooner to protect lives over profits. It is now as we begin to come out of lockdown that the labour movement must hold these criminals to account and demand better rights for workers so that this cannot happen again.

Meanwhile, the government is attempting to pass the Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill. This bill, if passed, would lead to a significant repression of the right to protest in the UK. The Bill will allow police to impose conditions on pickets, protests and demonstrations. Protest organisers could face fines or even arrest under arbitary rules set by the police to avoid ‘disruption’ to businesses. Workers unions, renters unions and those groups protesting against climate change, racism, state violence and gendered violence will have a much tougher time to defend the rights of our members and enact social change. The Bill will also discriminates against members of the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller community by making it “a criminal offence of residing in a vehicle on land without permission”. As a union that believes ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ we stand absolutly behind our friends in the GRT community against yet another attempt by the state to violently persecute them.

Bristol IWW will not be silent and we ask you to join us and our friends in frontline communities on May Day to take a stands against these injustices and #KillTheBill.

The IWW will be running a stall at College Green from 5pm.

The march, led by frontline communities, will leave College Green at 6pm. Please wear a mask to attend and social distance.


souce: facebook.com

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