#GlobalMayDay2021: Announce your Activities!

Global May Day 2021 is around the corner. Announce your activities, so they can be listed below.

You can use these channels to submit details on your activities (and May Day reports afterwards):
Global May Day mailing list [globalmayday@lists.riseup.net] | GMD facebook group | Contact form

The following list will be updated continuously:


A libertarian alliance incl. Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Bonn calls for a rally in Bonn.

2 pm at Friedensplatz at 2 pm.

source: facebook


The activist group in/progress calls to join the youth alliance demo “Lockdown Capitalism”.
[source: inprogress-bs.net]

10:30 am: starting at Burgplatz

12:15 pm: rally at Johannes-Selenka-Platz

1 – 4 pm: Stalls at Ringgleis with the Youth alliance at Westbahnhof


The Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) will arrange a spontaneous rally somewhere in the city. Due to the repressive climate time and location are not publicly announced in advance.
The rally will also be streamed via their facebook page.


Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Freiburg will join the main May Day rally in the city and calls on people to join their block: 10:45 am – Platz der Alten Synagoge [sources: freiburg.fau.org | tacker.fr]


Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg and Industrial Workers’ of the World (IWW) Hamburg call to join the anarchist rally “Are you kidding us? Capitalism is the superspreader” organized by the regional Black-Red May Day alliance. [call in English: schwarzrotererstermai.blogspot.com]

Meeting points:

April 30th in Lübeck:
6:30 pm
Central Station

May Day in Hamburg:
12:30 pm
Emilienstraße (Subway Station)


As part of observing the May Day 2021, FITE Kolkata plans to:

1. Observe an online event streamed via the facebook page to go on from 1-7 May, 2021 (event link).
2. Create a poster for May day typically focusing on IT workers/IT industry.
3. A generic write up for May Day
4. Start a YouTube channel with an introductory video.
5. Create a collage with Employees’ pictures with slogans with hashtag #GlobalMayDay2021


Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Magdeburg arranges various activities around May Day this year:
[source: magdeburg.fau.org]

April 28th: Poster-Campaign to remember the dead and fight for the living on this years Workers’ Memorial Day – across the city

May Day: Catwalk of oppression; street performance presenting different stories of workers | 12 am, Platz am Elbbahnhof

May 3rd: Day of action of the jobless; rally in front of the Jobcenter and companionships | 12 – 4 pm at the intersection of Otto-von-Guericke Str. and Ernst-Reuter-Allee

May 11th: Online input by the working group Labour Union Action – 6 pm (registration via faumd-va@fau.org)


Various branches of anarcho-syndicalist SAC Syndicalisterna arrange activities in different cities.


Support cleaning workers on May Day! SAC calls to join actions against the cleaning company VGS. Groups with a fixed number of people will rally at 10:30 am outside various STC fitness studios. [source: facebook]


Digital May Day starting noon. At 12 o’clock the local SAC branch in Malmö will stream interviews and talks about union activities in the last 12 months as well as musical sounds of resistance. The event will be streamed via facebook and youtube.


Speeches, music and coffee at Folkets Husby at 2 pm. There will be a rally followed by a BBQ. Follow the facebook page for updates.


Red-Black Vinyl-Night. Format and Funky Peter play vinyl records starting at 7 pm: twitch.tv

Others: 24 hrs May Day radio stream from the cultural center Cyclopen from 8 am until 8 am the next day. Live-music, DJs, talks, lyrics, noise and much more. SAC May Day speech will also be broadcasted and two comrades will speak about a recent conference focussing on medical care workers organized by SAC. [source: facebook]
Who was Joe Hill? A stream starting at 2 pm. [source: facebook]

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