#UnitedAgainstTheDragon: Solidarity Statement against Attack on Workers

On October 4th hundreds of workers rallied to form a human chain nearby the Dragon Sweater factory. With the help of the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) thousands of them have been struggling for wages and severance pay owed to them by the factory management.
In the middle of the rally workers were attacked by goons, most likely hired by the factory owner. Twelve workers were injured and had to be treated in hospital. In addition the owner filed baseless charges against dozens of workers for attempted murder. Another effort to intimidate the workers’ movement.

For more details see #UnitedAgainstTheDragon: Attack by goons – 12 workers hospitalised.

In reaction to the attack the local alliance consisting of the FAU Hamburg, IWW Hamburg as well as individual comrades – which already organized various activities as part of the Global Month of Solidarity – decided to submit this statement and encourage others to support it as well.

At the start of the week (Oct. 4th, 2020) news reached us, that comrades of GWTUC and former workers of Dragon Sweater and Imperial Sweater were attacked and some heavily injured at a demonstration by a group of thugs, which were paid by Dragon Group . At least ten of them needed medical attention at hospital. We condemn this action as well as other intimidation attempts, like filing charges against union members for attempted murder, which are totally baseless. As solidary workers we can’t and shouldn’t accept this. We continue to stand – and from now on even more – resolute on the side of our comrades in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Want to support the struggle? Here are suggestion of what you can do.

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