#UnitedAgainstTheDragon: The struggle continues.

The Global Month of Solidarity ended with many different activities around the world. But the struggle continues.

Keep letting us know, if you plan further actions or want us to publish reports: asia@icl-cit.org

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Send an email to New Yorker, Walmart, Lidl and the Dragon Sweater management via unitedagainstthedragon.info.

To inform more people, here are some share-pics:

Rate New Yorker, Lidl, Walmart and the Dragon Group!

We call on everyone to leave appropiate google ratings and comments in support of the struggle of the textile workers at Dragon Sweater.
Demands of textile workers: full wages (esp. overtime wages) and severance payments to be paid! From New Yorker, Lidl and Walmart we expect a public statement blacklisting the Dragon Group as long as the owed money is not paid to the workers!
New Yorker confirmed by email that they had business relations with the Dragon Group at least until 2019. According to the business report of Dragon Sweater Lidl had business relations with the factory until 2019 and Walmart at least until 2018. All of them directly profited from the exploitation of the textile workers now fighting for wages and severance payments owed to them.

New Yorker: To increase the impact, we suggest to leave a rating for the flagship store in Braunschweig in Schuhstraße 27, the New Yorker headquarter in Hansestraße 48, as well as a second New Yorker store in Braunschweig called Mädchenwald. In addition you can do so for the store in your region.

Lidl: Their headquarter is located in Neckarsulm. Therefore we suggest to leave a rating for the Lidl store in Neckarsulm, Hohenloher Str. 2 as well as the headquarter itself in Stiftsbergstraße 1 and in addition to a rating for your nearest Lidl store.

Walmart: The Walmart headquarters are located in Bentonville (702 SW 8th St, Arkansas, USA). You can leave a rating here.

Dragon Group: The Dragon Group conglomerate has its headquarter within the Dragon Tower in Dhaka. So far not a single rating was left on their google entry. Let’s change that.

Regional plans

Germany: Various syndicates and unions (mostly associated with the Free Workers’ Union, FAU) discuss to mobilize to Braunschweig for a demo on November 27th (“Black Friday”). New Yorker has its headquarter in Braunschweig. More details to be announced soon.

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