Sweden: Syndicalist rallies

The international committee of SAC (Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation, SAC – Syndikalisterna; translated: Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden) supports the call for a Global May Day.
Therefore we list short reports of the rallies organized by SAC below. Pretty much all of them focussed on:

(…) the increasing attacks on the workers’ movement’s achievements, and the class betrayal of the Social Democratic leadership, it has been delivered by a June 2018 proposal to rewrite important sections of Swedish labor law. The proposal carries the title “Peace Obligation at Workplaces with Collective Bargaining Agreements, and in the Case of Litigation.” It was conceived in a joint effort by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the country’s biggest trade union associations, and turned into a proposal for legislation by the Swedish Ministry of Labor, headed by the Social Democrat Ylva Johansson.



Syndicalist May Day rally in Uppsala organized by SAC to “Defend the right to strike!” – slogan of the day as hundreds of union activists took to the streets against the plan of employers and social democrats to ban independent unions.


Göteborgs local federation takes the lead in protest in Sweden’s second largest city, with somewhat fewer participants due to postponing the demo in order to allow for protests in nearby Kungälv against fascist party Nordic resistance movement.

source: @altemark


Demo in Sundsvall in defense of the right to strike.


In Umeå the libertarian bloc marched under a common banner with a plethora of unions and parties, who abstained from party political schisms to unite under the defense of the right to strike. The Umeå Local Federation of the SAC Syndikalisterna pictured here.

source: @altemark


This report was sent in:
1,500 people marched with the Revolutionary May Day demo under the slogan of “there is no alternative – abolish capitalism”. The network consistis of Malmö Local Federation of the SAC, anarcho-syndicalist youth federation, the autonomist league Allt åt Alla, Antifascist action Malmö, the Örestad Local Federation of the Network of Free Syndicalists.


Police reports turnout of 3,000 at syndicalist May Day demo in Stockholm.

source: reddit.com

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