Jakarta: May Day rally

An alliance of leftist unions – among which the feminist garment workers’ union FBLP (Inter-Factory Workers’ Federation) – called for a May Day rally in Jakarta.

FBLP published the following message:

Unfortunately, the actions of this years’ labor day were marked by repression in several cities in Indonesia: Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Sukoharjo. Among others the people of the anarko group were arrested, beaten, stripped and humiliated. The world should not forget, the anarchists were martyred in the bloody Haymarket event, which is now commemorated as May Day.

In Sukoharjo, workers who wanted to mark May Day were blocked and disbanded under various pretexts.
The regime seems to forget, grassroots politics, are increasingly molt when trimmed. Many grew up in the midst of difficulties, trained in the midst of hard life.

Workers of the whole world unite!
Long live resistance!

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