local call: Marburg

With the support of various local groups and collectives the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Marburg calls for a revolutionary May Day.

We want a different society!

A society in which solidarity and self determination count more than hate towards everything that appears different; count more than ignorant nationalism, discrimination, hierarchies, pressure to achieve, and social partnership bullshit.

We can already see the existence of this society in its basic form. We can see friendship and support in everyday life; that people stand up for each other’s rights and champion the oppression and violence of the state, the patriarchy, racism, and capitalism. We can see that people encounter one another openly and equally, even if this has to be revived daily.

The 1st of May is an expression of this effort for a better life. Even if it’s only one day a year, it’s worthwhile together. We are able to come into contact; to connect our struggle for a free, solidary society; and to show life by our principles is possible on a larger scale.

We begin the 1st of May with a demonstration at 1:00 pm at Rudolphsplatz, Marburg. Starting there, we will walk strident to the Trauma. Afterwards, we will offer info stands, workshops, food and drinks, as well as a cultural program about our ideas for a new society all afternoon.

⚑ Solidarity and self determination! ⚑

⚑ Program:
Start of the demonstration: 1:00 pm – bus station Rudolphsplatz
Celebration: 2:00 pm in and around the Trauma im G-Werk
Keynote speaker: Marcus Schwarzbach (author)
Program: market place of Marburg’s collective businesses, food for all, coffee & cake
Children’s program: experiments and face painting
Music acts starting at 4:00 pm: Die Keine Ahnung, Black Jump, The Screwjetz, DJ*anes

⚑ Supporters:
Kollektivbrauerei lotta leben,
Artgerechtes – klamotten. siebdruck. fair & öko,
Baukollektiv Marburg,
Radwerkstatt radau,
Havanna Acht,
Punkt Marburg,
Queerfeministisches Frauen.sternchen.streikbündnis Marburg
Wagenplatz Gleix X,
Kurdistan Soli Plenum,
Klimagruppe Marburg,
Autonomes FrauenLesben Referat Marburg,
FAU Marburg – Gießen – Wetzlar,
Las Cayenas,
Gemüse Kombüse Marburg

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