local call: Hamburg

The Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Hamburg and Black-Red May Day are calling for an Anti-Athoritarian May Day demo in Hamburg-Harburg.

Let’s do it differently!

Burn-Out, competition pressure, barely free time. These are the conditions of work for the overwhelming majority of workers in this so-called social market economy. Even though terms like “work-life-balance” and “flexible working hours” have become fashionably lately, all of this is for getting as much as possible profit out of our labour. Even though the economy is booming, like it is often mentioned, we, the people who are generating this boom, get nothing out of it. Ultimately, the social market economy is just uncompromising capitalism, whose worst outgrowths are absorbed by hard-won rights. At least in this country. However, even these rights are built on sand and are constantly under attack by the government and the capital.
While the social and unionized organization is pressurized more and more, self-optimization booms. While solidarity seems to be unknown for many people, the job market forces us to compete for poorly or not at all paid internships, precarious jobs and temporary employment or part-time jobs.
We forget, who really is responsible for our fucked up life circumstances and what we could change with solidary and cooperative anger at capitalism.
While the majority of people is struggling and hoping, politics and capital will drop some crumbs off the table, the right-wing grows stronger and tries to tell us, that those people are responsible for our problems, who are on the run from war, hunger and terror. Or those, who are unable to work for different reasons. Humanitarian aid must not know any borders. Solidarity cannot be too much. Not those with the least privileges and influence are responsible for the injustice, from which they are on the run themselves. But they, who have the power, fill their pockets and keep capitalism running with all its gory outcome.
We, the people dependent on their wages, the unemployed, the students, pupils and pensioners are no competitors in the game of employers and politics. We have more in common, than dividing us. It doesn’t matter which skin-color or religion we have, where we were born and which certificates are in our application portfolio. Because we are the ones, who generate profit with our labour. We are the ones, who have to fight for a livelihood every day, while bosses and owners reap the profits.
All people, dependent on their work-force should be interested in a solidary economy beyond the pressure to work for others. An economy, in which we all decide together about the means of production and the distribution of goods and in which we decide how we work – to our needs, not to the needs of an elite.
The current capitalistic economic system contradicts the interests of everyone who has to make a living out of his*her work.
The artificial separation of workers in „us“ and „foreigners“ is weakening the struggle for better working conditions. It benefits no one but those, who are benefiting of the current working conditions. That is not us!
We don’t need bosses, governments or parties for a better world, and we don’t need any leaders. We all, together, equal, solidary and self-determined can win a world, in which our labour benefits ourselves, resources are used eco-friendly and in which no one has to live in fear of social decline, unemployment or exclusion of any kind

Therefore come to the anti-authoritarian May Day rally at Herbert-Wehner-Platz in Harburg, at 1st of may, 12.30 pm.
The demonstration is meant for everyone who wants to stand up for a progressive society, beyond capitalism and nationalism with all their downsides. Therefore, come colorful and diverse, so we can fill the streets with life. What we don’t want are emblems of political parties or national flags. Because, we need nobody, who tells us what to do. We’ll do that differently…


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