Chat #12 (final chat before May Day)

April 30th: Final Chat Meeting
before the Transcontinental May Day 2017

The chat meetings are an important part of the tools of communication in the coordination process of the Transcontinental May Day 2017. Notes of previous chat meetings are available inside this pad. The next chat meeting will take place on Sunday, April 30th, at 4pm UTC!

A first eleven chat meetings to discuss the idea and agree on a common framework took place since September 2016. They were joined by people in Hamburg, Dhaka, Rabat, somewhere on the Philippines and Malaysia, in Madrid, Freetown, Louvain, Koblenz, West Bengal, Regensburg, Nijmegen as well as Florida and Zürich.
A final chat meeting before May Day is scheduled to take place on April 30th (Sunday).
It will be used to collect some last minute updates from around the world.

And for those of you who have a profile on fb, there is this event page.

Suggested Chat Agenda

TOP1: round of introduction & clarification of any questions (if necessary)
TOP2: sharing updates related to May Day 2017

TOP3: coordinating next steps/ responsibilities
TOP4: open space

The main pad can be used to share ideas, leave comments or suggestions.

How to participate in the Chat Meeting

April 30th (Sunday) — noon EDT, 4pm UTC, 6pm CET, 9:30pm IST
this time converter can help you find out what time 4pm UTC will be in your location

Chatroom: IRC-channel #ism-global on
direct link:
=> NO webcam or microphone needed – just confirm that you are not a robot and enter the chatroom!

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