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Global Month of Solidarity: Picket at Lidl in Belfast

August 15th, August 23rd and now on September 5th, workers organized with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Belfast rallied in front of a Lidl store in an effort to stand in solidarity with the garment workers at Dragon Sweater. The workers there keep fighting for their outstanding wages and benefits as well as compensation payments.

The IWW Belfast reports:

The Industrial Workers of the World took part in todays solidarity action earlier outside Lidl Store at Hi Parks Centre, Belfast. Those in attendance felt that there was a great response from people passing and coming out of the store highlighting the ongoing struggle by garment workers.

A representative of the IWW spoke following todays action stating: “This action is part of a wider international series of actions to highlight how multinationals such as Lidl are exploiting and profiteering from their continued engagement with ruthless companies like Dragon Group in Bangladesh.

“It’s been brilliant to speak to the public directly to highlight and inform them of how members of the Garment Workers Trade Union Centre have been treated as well as to highlight their demands.

“It’s safe to say that the public are supportive and echo the call for Lidl to end any trade with companies who clearly mistreat their work force in such a way as what Dragon Sweater Group have been doing.

“The Industrial Workers of the World once again call upon Lidl to cease all trade with Dragon Group, demand that workers are fully reinstated and wages owed to workers are fully paid out.”

originally published on onebigunion.ie