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#UnitedAgainstTheDragon – What YOU can do!

Here are suggestions of what you can do as an individual or as a syndicate/ union:

  • GROUPS/UNIONS: Organize an action as part of the International Day of Action on Black Friday!
  • GROUPS/UNIONS: Join the list of supporters!
  • GROUPS/UNIONS: Record a short audio message (1-2 minutes) which can be aired in public during the pickets in different parts of the world. The messages can include: Short intro to your group/union. Expression of solidarity with the garment workers at Dragon Sweater. Introducing your planned activities.
  • EVERYONE: Support the fundraising campaign by chipping in and informing others about it.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Inform Lidl, Walmart, New Yorker and the Dragon Sweater management that you stand on the side of the workers. This site can help you to do so: unitedagainstthedragon.info
  • INDIVIDUALS: Help to give the struggle more presence online by stating your solidarity (e.g. taking a picture of you holding a sign expressing your support) using #UnitedAgainstTheDragon.

Do drop us a line, if you have any questions, support the call, want to announce any activities or share reports: asia@icl-cit-org !