#GlobalMayDay2021 Audio Messages

The working group of workers who collect recyclable materials and urban cleaners from the Autonomous Federation of Workers (FAT) in Goiás (Brazil) sent this message to the Global May Day network:

Also comrades of the Free Workers Union (FAU) Hamburg and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Hamburg recorded a message for #GlobalMayDay2021 going out to comrades around the world:

Furthermore this speech was prepared to be held at the anarchist rally in Hamburg for May Day 2021:

Mayday! Today is May Day, the day of the workers. A day on which we fight together against exploitation.
Mayday, because worldwide workers are exploited, who hardly profit from what they earn. And worse: Can hardly or not at all live from what they get in wages.

You don’t have to look far to see this: 
Former workers from Romania from the Vion slaughterhouse in Bad Bramstedt have contacted us – the Free Workers’ Union: they have reported on untenable working conditions and how difficult it is to assert one’s rights in the industry. One of many little hells on earth! We want to comply with the wish of a worker and protest publicly against the inhumane system of the slaughterhouses. Therefore, we have joined the call of the alliance “Together against the animal industry”, which demands the transformation of slaughterhouses into production facilities of non-animal food and want to demonstrate on May 29 at 1 pm in Bad Bramstedt against the untenable conditions for humans and animals.

Mayday, because not only here in Germany workers are affected by exploitation and poor working conditions. Only together we can fight against capitalism.
Together we are strong: At the beginning of this year, 6000 textile workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh – after almost a year of fighting – were able to obtain compensation for their dismissal and back wages. And this also thanks to a global campaign, which put Walmart, Lidl and New Yorker under pressure. The demand: No business with the textile factory where the workers were last employed until the outstanding payments are settled. This involved grassroots groups and unions around the world.  From this struggle, the network “Global Garment Workers’ Solidarity Network” was formed, where we from the IWW Hamburg and the FAU Hamburg are also involved. Since 2017, we are in touch with groups around the world through the “Global May Day” platform and support various struggles. For May Day this year, we have received two solidarity calls:

Mayday – Military Coup in Myanmar:
After the military has taken over the government in Myanmar by force, the All Burma Federation of Trade Unions, the Federation of General Workers of Myanmar as well as Food not Bombs Myanmar call for support in the struggle against the military junta. The junta is using massive violence against the protests, leaving many hundreds dead already. In order to strengthen the resistance, we are called upon to take the protest to those who continue to cooperate with the junta: In Germany, these include DHL, Total and (Sinotruk) MAN. We also want to put pressure on fashion brands like H&M, Zara and Adidas: they should make sure that their suppliers from Myanmar do not fire workers when they go on strike in the textile factories to bring down the military junta. 
In addition, several fundraising campaigns are underway to strengthen the resistance. For more info, visit globalmayday.net.
The second call for solidarity that reached us comes from the Horn of Africa:

Mayday – no genocide in Tigray!
In the region of Tigray in Ethiopia political and ethnic tensions have developed into a civil war, that there is now a threat of genocide. The group “Horn Anarchists” calls above all to boycott Starbucks and to organize protests in front of Starbucks. This is because the company finances the government on a big scale through its coffee trade with Ethiopia. The trade is nationalized and through the coffee business a lot of money flows into the financing of the troops responsible for the advancing genocide in Tigray.
There’s info on this at globalmayday.net as well.

We are planning worldwide protest actions in the coming weeks and months in the spirit of these calls for solidarity.
In this sense: Down with the dictatorships! Against the capitalist exploitation of humans and animals!


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