Online-Meeting #4: Coordinating Global May Day 2021

March 28th (Sunday)

A common framework for a Global May Day 2021 was agreed on already. Therefore this meeting will be used to focus on outreach and to consider common coordinations within that framework.

Everyone sympathizing with the Global May Day self-conception is invited to join the meeting!

Suggested Agenda:

  • TOP1: Round of introduction
  • TOP2: Introducing common framework of Global May Day 2021
  • TOP3: Outreach
  • TOP4: Ideas for common coordinations
  • TOP5: Propaganda material
  • TOP6: Next steps (translations, outreach, next meeting)

Feel free to communicate any proposals for changes to the agenda ahead of the meeting or during the meeting itself.

How to join the meeting

March 28th (Sunday) — noon EST, 4pm UTC, 6pm CET, 9:30pm IST
!! this time converter can help you find out what time 4pm UTC will be at your location !!
In some countries clocks will be adjusted. Please note that the time of the chat meeting will therefore also change for you!


You can enter any name (preferably incl. your location – or login with your twitter/fb account).
You can access the chatroom on your computer, tablet or smartphone. NO webcam or microphone needed.

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