#UnitedAgainstTheDragon: Picket at New Yorker store in Mönchengladbach

On September 19th members of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Section Mönchengladbach in Germany rallied in front of the shopping center Minto in the city center.

Today we held a rally in front of the New Yorker branch of the Minto shopping center in solidarity with the 6000 workers laid off and cheated for wages at the Dragon Sweater factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In February/March this year they were dismissed under the pretext of corona incisions. More realistic is the assumption that union involvement there should be destroyed. For the vast majority of the workers were part of the Garment Workers‘ Trade Union Center (GWTUC), a union of sewers and others.

In the factory of the Dragon Group clothes were produced, which were and are sold profitably in Germany by LIDL and New Yorker.

We stand in solidarity with the exploited workers in Dhaka and their struggles! That is why we are trying to build up pressure here on the spot – as in many other cities and regions of the world through different grassroots unions.

Because we are convinced that we as workers, who have to sell their labor every day to satisfy our needs, are all confronted with the same problem. No matter how different the concrete situations of workers in Dhaka or Mönchengladbach may be, we are ultimately cost factors for our bosses. And they have to be kept as small as possible in capitalist competition.

There is no use in moaning, only our collective organization and the fight for better working conditions and ultimately a world in which we manage the production and all other areas of life ourselves according to our needs.

So what can you do concretely now to support the exploited workers? Here are a few possibilities: globalmayday.net


#ItsTimeToOrganize 🏴🚩

source: duesseldorf.fau.org

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