Global Month of Solidarity: From Buenos Aires to Dhaka

During the mobilization for a young man murdered by the Buenos Aires police, Facundo Astudillo Castro, workers organized with FORA (Argentine Regional Workers’ Federation) expressed their solidarity with the 6,000 textile workers at Dragon Sweater in Dhaka (Bangladesh). The rally took place in Lomas on September 3rd, 2020.

One day later the banner and many pamphlets were pasted nearby a Walmart store in Buenos Aires. FORA reports:

Yesterday, September 4th, we pasted stickers and flyers in front of the Walmart in Avellaneda informing about the situation of the 6000 textile workers fired from Dragon Sweater (Dhaka, Bangladesh) in the context of Global Month of Solidarity with Textile Workers at Dragon Sweater of the ICL (International Confederation of Labor).
Why at Walmart? Walmart is the only company in Argentina that buys from Dragon Sweater the clothes made by workers in Asia. In solidarity with them we say: don’t buy the clothes that Walmart puts on the shelves. If you are going to buy from Walmart, ask for the book of complaints and leave your solidarity with the workers on record.
The Walmart workers themselves denounce the fact that they are exposed to the virus, that they are made precarious, etc… that’s why we also make ourselves available to the workers who receive this information, to lend a hand in solidarity in their situation of exploitation.
Boycott Dragon Sweater.
Don’t buy clothes from Walmart.
Reinstate the 6000 fired workers and immediately pay the wages owed.
Spread the word to your colleagues, friends and family.

On September 8th workers organized with FORA visited Walmart again – this time inside the store reaching out to customers and fellow workers:

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