Solidarity from Hamburg to Dhaka

While the management of the Dragon Sweater factory reaches out to labor unions with a statement to defame GWTUC on the international level, the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) in Hamburg rallied in front of a New Yorker store in the city center to stand in solidarity with the garment workers.
Workers on the ground confirmed that many of the last garments at Dragon Sweater were being produced for New Yorker.

The action took place on July 3rd. More than 350 leaflets were distributed – many of them went to people who were about to enter the store or just left it. During the picket an audio message from Sadaat (GWTUC) was played several times.

The message was also included in this video:

Furthermore the store manager was approached. She was informed about the ongoing struggle, received a leaflet with the contact details of the GWTUC and was asked to forward our demands to the New Yorker headquarter in Braunschweig.

The demands are:
New Yorker should get in touch with the union on the ground (GWTUC)!
New Yorker should pressure Dragon Group (running the factory) to pay the workers full wages and bonuses!

The store manager confirmed to forward the leaflet and demands accordingly.

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