Hamburg: Video, Banners and Stroll in the City

Some comrades in the city district Wilhelmsburg prepared this banner:

The Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg prepared a solidarity video:

And also dropped a banner at the autonomous center Schwarze Katze (Black Cat):

There was a lot of confusion. Initially some neo-nazi groups announced to rally in Harburg for May Day, which was in the end forbidden by the authorities. Unfortunately so was the planned rally of the local May Day alliance, of which FAU Hamburg is part of.
Nonetheless some comrades took a stroll through the district. Currently a person can be charged almost 180 Euros if on the streets with more than one other person.

Furthermore a broadcast on the Global May Day was aired on the local radio station FSK. It’s mostly in German but also includes messages from the Forum of IT workers (FITE), the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Marburg-Gießen-Marburg as well as FAU Marburg all in English:


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