Kabul+Iran: Graffiti at police stations/ Video message

Comrades of the the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran (AUAI) arranged various activities in the context of the Global May Day 2020.
Here are some of them:

Slogans on police stations in Kabul:


Creating a video with a May Day message from Iran:

The capitalist system, as the ruling class system, plays a deadly and destructive role in today’s society, where we clearly see the brutal exploitation of man and nature in favor of the ruling and capitalist classes. Capitalism draws from the oppression and control of government institutions, racism and prejudiced hatred, which exploits all of us and continues its wretched existence.

In addition to capitalism, Iranians are fighting another deadly government called the Islamic Republic of Iran. Workers who worked without pay for months are suffering from unemployment and poverty due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many deprived and working-class people in Iran have been forced to work and risk contracting the coronavirus only to put food on their tables. Proper health and sanitation conditions are a privilege that most workers are deprived of. Instead of helping the people, the government is propagandizing and propagating lies about how well they have dealt with this crisis. The regime refused to hospitalize and care for Afghan Coronavirus-contracted patients and other vulnerable sections of society. They collect masks and health products for themselves and their agents. In the midst of this crisis, they are exploiting their citizens with high-interest loans.

Like the rest of the capitalist world, they want to open up the bazaar, the economy, and religious sites even though they are well aware that they are endangering the lives of innocent people. So far, 3600 of Iranians have been arrested by law enforcement and the Basij for reporting on the actual number of corona cases, and 1,136 lawsuits have been filed against them.

The struggle for our liberation begins when we understand our existence in a connected world and similarity of oppression and tyranny everywhere. Our struggle is as interconnected as our world. We need to build global solidarity networks to continue this struggle and win.

One world, One struggle

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And some sprayed graffiti on walls somewhere in Iran:

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