Bristol/Bournemouth: Banners in the streets

Statement released by Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Bristol:

Fellow Workers,
To mark and celebrate May Day this year members of Bristol IWW and Bristol Green Anti-Capitalist Front held a banner drop outside of BASE, an anarchist community centre that has become an essential mutual aid hub for the local community.
This May Day is a time to celebrate the victories of the labour movement and an invitation to challenge ourselves to build new programmes and organise outside of the state and the economy.
We send our solidarity to all the other organisations and individuals participating in the Global May Day 2020 and hope that like us, you see today as the beginning of more actions in a struggle for the liberation of the working class and the natural world from the exploitation of the wage system.
Together the working class will overcome Covid-19 and the capitalist virus.
Solidarity Forever!
#1world1struggle #MayDay #IWW #GAF

In Bournemouth comrades dropped these banners on a bridge:


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