Activities announced (so far)

Overview of activities related to the call for a Global May Day 2020:
Announce your own activities to the list. They will be added here.

Chennai, Taminadu (India)

Federation of IT Employees (FITE): Lockdown until May 3. We are planning poster and video message campaign in social media on behalf of FITE.

Marburg (Germany)

Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Marburg-Gießen-Wetzlar: Online Statement and Audio solidary message – We’ll also try to organize a banner-drop at a central point in Marburg – We made a call for reports of working conditions etc. in the region, which we want to publish on first of may online.

Hamburg (Germany)

FAU Hamburg: Small rally (around 25 people); social media stuff like share pics, banner drops in different parts of the city; solidarity video. Concerning the rally we also have the problem that leading German neo-nazis want to gather, so we must also have an eye on that.

Bristol (UK)

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Bristol: Is going to poster around the city and do a banner drop from an abandoned pub we have taken over and plan to turn into a mutual aid distro centre. We will also do an online May Day celebration in the evening and publish a solidarity message and proposal for UK unions to resist a return to “business as usual”.

Iran / Afghanistan

Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran (AUAI): We told our activists to act as they see fit and secure. We suggested actions such as writing a graffiti and taking a video and pictures of it and singing and yelling from rooftops. They will act depending on their individual situations.


Federação das Organizações sindicalistas revolucionárias do Brasil (FOB): In Brazil, we will make a video, a press release, and there will also be posters, banners and paintings in the cities, as well as a recorded podcast.


Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT): CGT released the following announcement.

May Day against social inequalities 

In that imposed confinement, CGT will go out this May Day to the windows and balconies of social networks and wishes to invite you in order to
share it with all the sister international organizations. 

Tomorrow at 10 am (time in the Spanish State) we will give a press
conference to present the campaign for May Day, you can participate in
it through the following link 

On May Day, from 11:30 am we will publish our photos demanding Basic
Equal Income (RBIs) NOW! with hastag #1MayoRBIsYA 

And from 12 noon a brief speech by our Secretary General will begin and
then, more than an hour of concert with the musical groups that have
wished to participate with us. You can access the concert on the Red and
Black TV channel
and expand the
information at

¡Long live May Day and Long live the Working Class!

University of California

UC COLA Intercampus General Assembly: Wildcat strike on different campuses of the University of California.

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