Chat #4 – GMD 2020

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April 5th: Open Chat Meeting #4
for the coordination of Global May Day 2020

This will be the fourth chat meeting to coordinate Global May Day 2020 together. Chat meetings are an important tool of communication in the process. Let’s come together to update each other on current May Day plans and developments. Focal point will be the call to action. FOB submitted a proposal to include a note on the Corona virus epidemic – as sent to the mailing list.

Everyone sympathizing with the Global May Day self-conception is welcome to join the meeting! Please help to invite others who might be interested.

Suggested Chat Agenda

TOP1: round of introduction & current state of local May Day plans
TOP2: Q&A session on the Global May Day idea
TOP3: call to action (proposal by FOB)
TOP4: solidarity partnerships
TOP5: next steps

Feel free to communicate any proposals for changes in the chat agenda ahead of the meeting.

|||| How to participate in the Chat Meeting ||||

April 4th (Sunday) — 11am EST/EDT, 3pm UTC, 5pm CET, 8:30pm IST
!! this time converter can help you find out what time 3pm UTC will be in your location !!

Simply enter this Chatroom:

You can enter any name (preferably incl. your location – or login with your twitter/fb account).
You can access the chatroom on your computer, tablet or smartphone. NO webcam or microphone needed.

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