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  1. Monty Kroopkin

    Having made inquiries, I have got reply emails from IWW branches, especially in Europe, that some collaboration with the youth climate strikers and with Extinction Rebellion is getting started. It is clear that the youth strikers is a new mass movement, with more than a million strikers worldwide out on March 15. Extinction Rebellion is also showing signs it may go big, but it is too early to tell.

    I advocate that IWW and ICL officially and unofficially and on all continents fully involve ourselves with these new movements. Of course we should bring our IWW/ICL perspective and do what we can to evolve the demands of these movements in a direction we think best. I recognize that some IWW/ICL members may have good criticisms of some of the demands these groups have put out. BUT I would hope that we all agree that few issues can be more important or have greater priority for the worldwide working class than the real chance of our extinction within not many more decades. If IWW and ICL does not act consciously as an international to be a part of this new wave, and to grow it and deepen it, then perhaps we have all lost our way as revolutionaries.

    Certainly whatever we all do on May Day this year, it needs to be with looming and expanding mass extinctions in mind.

    One Big Union NOW!

    Monty Kroopkin,
    IWW San Diego General Membership Branch Secretary
    (speaking here as an individual. title for identification only)

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